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Fiat Lux Review -
     While Davis, California may not be considered a fashion capital by any stretch of the imagination, the 2012 Picnic Day event at UC Davis played host to an actual fashion show, contrary to any “unfashionable” preconceived notions of the small college town. Nearing the end of the student-designer showcase, a bold, thoughtful, and diverse collection took the runway by storm with the designs of Miquette Elliott. The only collection to have both menswear and womenswear displayed, not only had a flare for the theatrics, but more importantly a polished finish and showed Elliott’s blossoming potential for a vibrant career in fashion. With cathedral and even gothic themed garments, Elliott illustrated an inspiration and affinity for the aesthetics of such designers as Mugler and McQueen. The stained glass motifs and jewel tones present throughout the womenswear garments contrasted greatly with the darker and refreshingly innovative take on the anything but traditional menswear pieces. Standout looks from the womenswear collection included a corset constructed of glass, and from the menswear, a deconstructed jacket that doubled as a backpack. Elliott throws convention out the window when it comes to her menswear, and added the signature drama of the renaissance to her womenswear. With her large scope innovation, Miquette Elliott left her mark on the UC Davis runway, and made an event called “Picnic Day” a whole lot edgier.

                                                                                                  - Alex Sanders

I won a project merit scholarship from HACU in 2009.
I was asked to participate in this Red Dress Collection in 2010. The red dress in the next photo was my submission.
I received my first PUF research grant for this collection and presented my research at the Undergraduate Research Conference in 2010.
I competed again in the HACU scholarship in 2010 and took home the 1st place award shortly before attending Central St. Martins in London. I designed, pattern cut, designed and printed the fabric, and sewed this complete look.
Final Project Life Drawing. This class was a great challenge and we had a great model for this last drawing. Artist: Miquette Elliott
I attended Central St. Martins at the Charing Cross Road location the year before they moved the campus to Kings Cross. This is at the High Holburn lecture location. Photo Cred : My Proud Dad.
Central St. Martins Drawing workshop non dominant hand art. Artist: Miquette Elliott
Central St. Martins Drawing workshop non dominant hand life drawing. I really enjoyed this left handed art and continued to illustrate that way in the rest of my career. Artist: Miquette Elliott
Central St. Martins Drawing workshop art. Artist: Miquette Elliott
Central St. Martins Drawing workshop collage art. Artist: Miquette Elliott
Zero waste found fabrics backpack. Commuter safe. Perfect for urban environments.
Zero wate backpack 3
Zero waste backpack 4
I received a scholarship from the Fashion Group Foundation, San Francisco Branch, in 2011.
In the 2011-12 school year I was nominated as the Design Department Chancellor Ambassador. I got to meet donors and discuss my research and the validity of the Design Department at UC Davis.
I was on the UC Davis Main Page for receiving one of the only duplicate PUF Grants that have been awarded. The PUF funded the Fiat Lux honors thesis project.
This extensive Honors Thesis project made a few waves at UC Davis. It was the first project that was a repeat award of the PUF grant, most notably because of my ability to use the resources offered by Central St. Martins to complete the book work.
I was a featured artist on the Dharma Traders website. They donated a great many materials for completing the collection. I am very grateful.
I received the Honorary Mention Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research which was the first award ever given to a research project done in the Humanities.
My research paper for the Fiat Lux project was published in the Explorations Undergraduate Research Journal.
This was the most proud moment of graduation for me to receive a citation in Design from my most esteemed faculty mentor, Dr. James Housefield.
This is the left handed drawing I did of Chartres Cathedral. the level of character I get with these drawings make everything more interesting and more true to how I see it.