I asked a Director of Product what it took to be a great Design Director and they said: "Its rare, but you have to find someone who understands three things : the numbers of business, the value of quality design, and the importance of communication in team management." He laughed as I scribbled that down in my notebook and followed it with "You've got focus and fire. You'll get there sooner than you think." 

     I currently work as the Mens Global Design and Merchandising Coordinator at Volcom. I work on line consolidation, data management, budgeting, and design solutions. 

    Having achieved a comprehensive working education of the Action Sports Industry from a product perspective, including: global line productivity management, international licensee and subsidiary business, design process, merchandising strategy, process evaluation and innovation, and compliance legalities, I am looking to diversify my work experience on my way to becoming a Global Brand Director at a menswear company. International and Sustainable business is the future of our globe and a deep seated passion of mine that thrives with my professional strengths. ​

   If its 'broke', have a seat and a get a drink, I'll fix it. 

    Below are links to my resume, a merchandising exercise, and a small portfolio of my work after university. Enjoy!
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